The product line has been researched and evolved by TAKA FOODS, tea La’ Bon born inspired by endless emotion and specific love of nature. Possess a unique advantage by twice dry technology, helping the product gain the best natural quality of tea.


Why choose “twice dry” technology 

  • Minimize humidity
  • Keep the most natural aroma of the tea
  • Steady quality and Convenient for preserve
  • Optimize expense input

Tea La’ Bon diverse apply, you could completely combine to create delicious recipes and unique as fruit tea, milk tea, sparkling, cover cold tea, cocktail, mocktail, puree ice, … or a few desserts like ice cream, Panna

TAKA FOODS has 8 kinds of tea LA’ BON: Dark Tea, Authentic Dark Tea, Assam Dark Tea, Nhi Nhien Assam Tea, Bach Ngoc Jasmine Tea, Luc Bao Oolong Tea, Nhat Kim Oolong Tea and Thiet Quan Am Oolong tea.

LA’ BON leverage rich ingredient sources, quality from farm Viet, to deliver to customers the products, unique solution business F&B and suitable modern trending

LA’BON, We are proud of our deep knowledge regarding Vietnam farms, and we are confident about our ability to research and evolve products. from that, the real values will awake and spread.


Illustrated application images