From a fresh ingredient source, fruit mix LA’ BON confident with component real fruit up to 40%. Help you feel the crunchy and fresh, the most authentic product. Inspiration for the drinks is natural and innovative.


Product fruit mix La’ Bon with the features stand out:

  • 40% component from natural fruit 
  • Modern technology production
  • Keep all the flavor natural from fresh fruit
  • Diverse applications and convenient for mixing

Line diverse flavor fruit mix, concentrated from quality Vietnam agricultural, can integrate with many recipes drink as fruit tea, puree ice, mocktail, cocktail, and milk tea,…

TAKA FOODS has 12 flavors of fruit mix LA’ BON: Mango, Strawberry, Pink guava, rose apple, blueberry, purple potato, lime, pineapple, star fruit, orange cucumber, and pineapple carrot.

While star fruit honey, orange cucumber, and pineapple carrot are stand-out flavors never ever have on the market by TAKA FOODS research and development.

LA’ BON leverage rich ingredient sources, quality from farm Viet, to deliver to customers the products, unique solution business F&B and suitable modern trending

LA’BON, We are proud of our deep knowledge regarding Vietnam farms, and we are confident about our ability to research and evolve products. from that, the real values will awake and spread.


Illustrated application images