Mứt trái cây


Exciting creation from fresh fruit pieces, adding rich flavors as well as creating delicate beauty for dishes and drinks and satisfying all your senses. An ideal ingredient for baristas and cafes to unleash their creativity on new drinks, Chunky is the perfect topping with natural fruit flavors.


Andros’ jam blends are made from 40% real fruit and are made from cane sugar, a healthy natural sugar. Bring the natural flavors, feel the freshness and purity of the product.

Enjoy and be creative with unique recipes such as tea, soda, smoothies, ice blended. In particular, this is a concoction of jam that is used as a topping to decorate the water dish.

TAKA FOODS is currently the exclusive distributor of Andros’ line of smoothie jams (Chunky), with 20 flavors, creating a diversity for the drink menu: pink guava, pineapple, purple sweet potato, salted jam, pandan coconut , pears & chrysanthemums, berries & red artichokes, apricots, cherries & chia seeds,…

Nichirei Suco Vietnam is an official subsidiary of Nichirei Foods of Nichirei Group – one of the leading corporations in the Japanese market for frozen processing. With more than 30 years of experience in producing products from acerola, it is the world’s No. 1 market share.

Mứt trái cây

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