Frozen fruit product line with 100% super-fast freezing (IQF) line made from natural fruits, conveniently packaged to serve all needs throughout the year.


Products with 100% made from fruits imported from the Americas (Canada, Chile,…). Carefully selected according to European standards. Convenient in operating ingredients and using for preparation, keeping high nutritional content, good for health.

No added sugar and preservatives, the product has a delicious, nutritious and healthy taste, in line with the trend of Green living and Vietnamese taste.

The product is suitable for nutritious and healthy drinks and to decorate cakes more attractively.

TAKA FOODS is currently distributing Andros frozen fruit flavors such as cherry, strawberry, black raspberry, cranberry, mixed red berry, large fruit blueberry, natural blueberry, square cut mango,…

ANDROS Asia specializes in processing tropical fruits from local ingredients. With a passion for creating quality fruit products and a wealth of experience in jam making, we diversify our production to offer a wide range of finished products, specialized ingredients in the beverage and pastry industries.


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