As a top-quality product line, inspiring creativity for pastry and beverage professionals. All fruits are harvested from ripe and succulent fruits to keep the full flavor fresh. The processing process is suitable for each type of fruit, drawn from long-standing expertise and know-how in fruit production.


It is a premium product with many healthy nutrients because it contains more than 90% fresh and pure fruit. Selected from the best sources and varieties on fruit farms with close and long-term partnerships. Especially the ingredients are provided by the Vietnamese farmers themselves such as mango. Combined with white cane sugar to balance the sour taste from pure fruit, bringing a mild and natural sweet and sour taste to the drink.

Products for diverse preparation applications include smoothies, fruit teas, crushed ice,…

TAKA FOODS is currently distributing frozen pureed fruits such as passion fruit, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, mango, natural blueberry.

ANDROS Asia specializes in processing tropical fruits from local ingredients. With a passion for creating quality fruit products and a wealth of experience in jam making, we diversify our production to offer a wide range of finished products, specialized ingredients in the beverage and pastry industries.


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