Andros’s delicious, high-quality jams are made from local fruit supplied by quality farms that meet agricultural standards. Produced according to French standards and is suitable for breakfast when served with cakes.


Jam is made according to traditional French jam cooking secret, contains 40-50% real fruit and cane sugar, has a moderate texture, and is not too thick or too liquid. A jar of premium jam not only has the usual sweetness but also needs a balance in taste. So the product is not too sweet, too sour, or has a bitter taste (bitter), but all are reduced to create harmony.

Andros jam can be used directly, served with a sandwich, or creatively made as a drink. Feel like you’re on an adventurous journey of taste. The layers of flavors that intertwine, blend and complement each other are the quintessential points.

TAKA FOODS is currently distributing 3 flavors of Andros Jam product line: strawberry, mango, and blueberry. These are popular flavors that are easy to combine with cakes.

ANDROS Asia specializes in processing tropical fruits from local ingredients. With a passion for creating quality fruit products and a wealth of experience in jam making, we diversify our production to offer a wide range of finished products, specialized ingredients in the beverage and pastry industries.


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