Hershey's SAUCE

Products are manufactured on modern lines according to advanced technology from the US, under the strict supervision and inspection of leading experts in the food industry. It is an ingredient used in making drinks, making ice cream, making cakes, etc. Bringing delicious attractive flavor, suitable for all ages.


Hershey’s sauce is a paste made from corn syrup, non-fat condensed milk, natural chocolate flavor, etc., mixed according to a special recipe. The product brings a delicious attractive flavor, with perfect consistency, bold chocolate flavor, and not too sweet, suitable for all ages.

Hershey’s sauce can be used in the preparation of drinks such as cocktails, smoothies, tea, coffee, and milkshakes. In addition, this sauce is also very suitable to combine with cakes such as decorating cakes, birthday cakes, and ice cream…

Chocolate is a special mark, creating the name of the Hershey’s brand. So it’s not difficult to understand why Hershey’s chocolate sauce is extremely popular in the barista industry around the world.


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