With over 100 premium Monin syrups, the selection of high-quality flavors offers a wide range of drinks. And can transform any drink from ordinary to special.


Monin syrup is a long-standing product line from France, with more than 100 flavors from classic to distinctive floral flavors, tropical fruits, or modern flavors.

Brings a sweet taste experience from natural ingredients and cane sugar. Helps create a delicate balance of flavors and aromas.

It is a perfect accompaniment in cocktails, mocktails, fruit teas, milkshakes, desserts or frozen drinks.

TAKA FOODS is currently distributing more than 40 flavors of Monin syrup such as pineapple, mint, vanilla, peach, guava, pandan, purple taro, tiramisu, watermelon, raspberry, lychee,…

MONIN – a brand from France, famous worldwide for its premium syrups made from cane sugar, along with sauces, mashed fruits and creative cocktails.


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