songheng juice

Songheng juice originated in Thailand, is processed from green, clean, quality ingredients. Suitable for summer cooling drinks such as fruit teas, sodas,…


Songheng juice originated in Thailand, famous for its lemon juice. As the best alternative to fresh lemon, when the fresh lemon market is unstable in terms of quality, quantity and price. Extracted from 45% fresh Thai lemon juice, it has a relative taste of nearly 95% fresh lemon. The product does not use preservatives and additives.

With summer cooling drinks, lemon soda is the best choice. Songheng lemon juice is a necessary ingredient for water dishes such as lemon tea, snow lemon, fruit tea, lemon soda, etc.

The juice comes from the Songheng brand originating in Thailand, famous for its lemon juice product line. Pure fresh juice brings convenience as well as diverse uses in preparation.


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