Is a fruit syrup from Taiwan, especially for Taiwanese pearl milk tea. The product contains a fairly high fruit content and does not include synthetic substances, providing a natural flavor with milk teas and fruit teas.


MauLin’s syrup is favored by many customers. With an appropriately sweet and sour ratio, convenient for preparation, this is an indispensable ingredient in the milk tea industry. With delicious taste from natural fruits, attractive colors, and cheaper price than other imported syrups, it is quite popular in small and medium-sized shops.

Maulin syrup is used to prepare sodas, cocktails, jelly, shaved ice, etc.

TAKA FOODS is available in many flavors of Maulin syrup to suit a variety of recipes such as mint, strawberry, passion fruit, lychee, kiwi, peach, apple, melon, squash, grape, milk caramel, vanilla, chestnut, mango, black sugar,…

Maulin – As a brand specializing in the production of Taiwanese milk tea ingredients, Maulin develops a variety of syrup flavors to serve the increasingly diverse needs of customers.


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