Boba are a very popular topping line, not only possessing a sweet taste from fresh, delicious, natural fruits, but also extremely attractive and eye-catching colors. Used in the preparation of drinks, especially Taiwanese milk tea dishes.


Chuan Dai Boba

Chuan Dai glass is a Taiwanese topping that is quite similar to pearls. When eating seeds with thin, tough shells, biting into the shells will break and melt a little sweet, sour, aromatic taste of glass pellets.

This is also a popular topping at small-scale milk tea shops or home-made milk tea.

The product is suitable for making toppings for milk tea, fruit tea, etc.

TAKA FOODS currently has Chuan Dai water tablets suitable for a variety of drinks: strawberry, yogurt, passion fruit, blueberry, kiwi, peach, cantaloupe.

Chuan Dai is a brand that provides toppings from Taiwan, featuring glass beads with many flavors to suit a variety of user needs, especially milk tea and fruit tea.


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