Prepared whole milk, also known as pasteurized fresh milk. Made from pure cow’s milk and undergoes many sterilization processes with high-tech lines. Full cream milk brings many good nutritional values and health benefits: Protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins A, D, B6, B12, etc.


Kovita fresh milk

Polished Kovita Polish Pure Fresh Milk is made from 100% pure fresh cow’s milk. Unlike fresh milk on the market, Kovita fresh milk has 3.5% fat, so it does not cause a feeling of greasy feeling for users. The gentle aroma of milk and the sweet taste are also advantages that help Kovita score more points in the hearts of users.

The product can be kept cold to drink directly or apply to fresh milk with black sugar pearls, or combine with fruit jams to make fresh milk shakes,…

Kovita, the product is manufactured by SM Mlekovita in Poland. Featured with a line of 100% pasteurized whole milk products made from fresh cow’s milk, bringing a different milk flavor in the preparation application.


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