As an important and indispensable part of bartending, choosing the right dispensing tools will help optimize the time when operating the restaurant. And create consistency in the quality of products that you bring to customers.


Soda bottle

Soda Isi bottle is used to make soda water such as carbonated water, seltzer, and sparkling,… The product is made from high-grade stainless steel and comes from Austria. ISI soda bottles are a brand loved and trusted by baristas all over the world.

To make homemade soda water easy and convenient for making, the ISI soda pot is a quick and economical solution for cafes and restaurants. The soda water in the bottle can hold the gas for 24 hours, much longer than the soda can.



Gas is a specialized product line used for fresh cream sprays of all kinds. With stable quality and absolutely safe for users, it helps to create ice cream, create decorative shapes for fresh ice cream, and whipping cream quickly and professionally.

TAKA FOODS currently has Gas brands such as Gas ISI, Gas Mosa.



Pumps are attached to the mouth of the bottle containing syrups used in the preparation, especially milk tea. They help you get the right amount of syrup each time and ensure quick and easy access to ingredients. This saves a lot of time when the restaurant is crowded. Especially with the Monin Syrup pump, it will ensure that the ingredients are taken out skillfully, without being dropped or scattered around. As a result, it is possible to ensure that the preparation area is always clean and does not waste materials. If you store syrups in a regular container and do not have a pump, you will have to open and close it each time you need to take the syrup.

TAKA FOODS currently has Pumps of Giffard, Monin, and Torani brands.


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