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Made from fresh fruits, each type of jam will have a unique color and flavor depending on the ingredients used to make it. Smoothie jam has a higher consistency than fruit jam. Widely used in making smoothies, fruit teas,…



Berrino is a brand of Vinafruit – One of the manufacturers of fresh fruit products in Vietnam. With a closed production process, in full compliance with food safety and hygiene procedures, and without harmful preservatives, fresh fruits are imported and produced with advanced and modern technological lines.

With ingredients from fresh fruits that are crushed, combined with sugar, water and natural flavors, forming a fruity jam mixture. Makes drinks taste better and better.

Diverse applications in making smoothies, fruit tea, yogurt….

TAKA FOODS currently has Berrino smoothie flavors suitable for a variety of recipes such as blueberry, passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry, mango, lychee, grape, orange & aloe vera,…



Osterberg smoothie jam is a concoction made from fresh fruit. As a brand of Vietnam, with a modern production process, compliance with hygiene and safety to ensure quality for consumers. Osterberg has been developing and offering customers quality, natural, fresh fruit products.

Osterberg smoothie jam is currently a favorite product on the market today. The product brings a variety of sweet and sour flavors of fruits, meeting the needs of food processing or beverage preparation. Helps you enjoy a variety of flavors but still saves preparation time.

Wide range of applications in making milk tea, smoothies, crushed ice,…

TAKA FOODS currently has Osterberg smoothie flavors suitable for a variety of recipes such as lychee, peach, blueberry, mango, green apple, passion fruit, kiwi,...



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