Sun up JUICE

Extracted from real fresh fruit, without using artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners combined with modern technology lines. Sun up juice brings a delicious natural fruit flavor, making the taste of water good for health.


Created from high fruit ingredients, along with modern technology lines with strict production standards, Sun Up juice products not only bring delicious, natural sweet fruit flavors but also Provides many nutrients, making the dish both full of flavor and fresh.

The product is suitable for preparing water dishes such as juice, smoothies, crushed ice, etc. With the advantage of a high ratio of fruit ingredients, only a little juice is needed for each brew, saving money and can be used for a long time.

TAKA FOODS currently has more than 10 different Sun Up bottled fruit juice flavors suitable for various recipes such as pink guava, yellow lemon, cantaloupe, green apple, peach, mango, strawberry, litchi, orange, orange peach, kiwi,…

Sun up is a brand of concentrated fruit juice originating from Malaysia, one of the reputable names in the industry of preparing ingredients with more than 30 years of operation. Extracted from real fresh fruit combined with modern technology lines, Sun up brings quality products to users.


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