Cheese is one of the most common ingredients in the baking industry in the world. Cheese products have a fatty, aromatic and slightly sweet taste. As the main ingredient for making divine cheesecakes, it can also be eaten fresh, served with bread and made into icing.


Anchor cream cheese

As a product line under Anchor brand with more than 130 years of experience in the baking ingredients industry, this is one of the most prestigious and famous brands in the world.

Anchor cheese has a smooth texture, mild aroma that meets customers’ expectations with its natural origin.

Thanks to its rich fat content, ideal price, Anchor cheese can be an alternative to milk or pasteurized milk in the baking process without affecting the flavor quality or texture of the finished product.

In addition, Anchor cheese can also be used directly with bread, cracker, … or made into cake frosting.

The Anchor brand was established in 1886 in New Zealand with the goal of improving avocado quality. So far, Anchor has become one of the world famous brands with a wide range of dairy and butter products sold in over 70 countries.


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