Vegetable fat cream is a product of plant origin with the main ingredient being partially hydrated palm oil. Therefore, the product is safe and benign for all subjects to use. Possessing an unforgettable greasy milk flavor and high applicability in preparation and baking. Helps to increase the flavor and thickness of the dish/cake.


Icehot non-dairy cream

Icehot is a completely new line of plant-based ice cream from Rich’s Product Vietnam, this is a development from the previous line of Rich’s Short Cream. Smooth product, easy to use, multi-application with attractive vanilla flavor, high fat content.

It is a product trusted by many baristas in dishes such as milk tea, coffee, Thai tea, making millk foam…

Nhat Huong non-dairy cream

Nhat Huong vegetable fat cream is a product of Tan Nhat Huong Trading Co., Ltd., a brand specializing in the production of famous cake ingredients and cake decorating products in Vietnam.

The product is of partially hydrated plant origin. Produced by modern technology, it helps to preserve the pure fatty flavor of ice cream, bringing the fat and melting quickly in the mouth after enjoying.

The product can replace milk, used in making coffee, tea, desserts, especially suitable for cream soups. In addition, it can also be whipped like cream to make toppings in water dishes, cakes, …

Rich’s non-dairy cream

Rich’s Vegetable Fat Ice Cream is a versatile product, favored by customers because of its plant origin, special creamy vanilla flavor and light yellow-white color, easy to combine with many different recipes. With advantages of convenience and ease of use, good stability, no decomposition at high temperature.

The product is used in making ice cream for iced dishes, can replace coconut milk in tea dishes, or combine with espresso, cereals, smoothies, …


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