Is a blend that is blended according to the perfect French recipe to create virtually any drink such as coffee, smoothies, or milkshakes. Helps ingredients blend together, reducing drink stratification and creating consistency. And with Monin powder, the possibilities for creativity are limitless.


Monin powder is the result of research based on customers’ trends in using frozen or crushed ice. Specially designed to complement the entire range of MONIN flavors to create a perfectly balanced drink. Products with carefully selected ingredients to conform to premium quality standards.

Suitable for application in the preparation of water dishes such as smoothies, granitas, coffee, and milkshakes, … to feel the sweet, fatty vanilla flavor.

TAKA FOODS currently has 3 types of Monin powder: nondairy, vanilla, and yogurt, these are 3 popular and convenient powder.

MONIN – a brand from France, famous worldwide for its premium syrups made from cane sugar, along with sauces, mashed fruits and creative cocktails.


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