Milk powder is one of the important ingredients to create a milk tea dish that is very popular with young people today. When using milk powder to prepare, the fat and deliciousness of milk tea will be many times more standard. Therefore, milk powder is quite popular in milk tea recipes of famous brands.


Eurodeli milk powder

Eurodeli milk powder is an indispensable ingredient for national milk tea recipes. With a fine powder, easy to dissolve without clumping and easy to store. The product helps to increase the fatness and consistency, bringing a delicious taste to the drinks and still retains the characteristic aroma of other ingredients, especially milk tea dishes.

It is a specialized ingredient used in the preparation of drinks such as milk tea, ground ice, coffee, etc.

Frima milk powder

Frima milk powder is known as the “Queen No. 1 in the milk tea market”. It is a creamy powder that combines vegetable fats with ingredients of other oils to create the fatness and characteristic flavor of Frima milk powder. Helps increase the fat and smoothness of dishes and drinks. But still without losing its own distinctive flavor.

The product is the main ingredient used to prepare drinks such as milk tea, coffee and other cakes.

Kievit milk powder

Indo milk tea powder – Kievit Vana Blanca is a line of premium milk tea powder that makes milk tea delicious and absolutely healthy. Kievit is a brand that produces milk cream powder in Indonesia under the Dutch company FrieslandCampina.

The product helps to increase the fat, increase the smell but still retain the inherent characteristic flavor of milk tea. This is a product that has been chosen and trusted by milk tea business households for many years.

Applied in milk tea dishes such as green milk tea, pink milk tea, milk oolong,… or iced dishes,…


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