Mixing bots are mostly used as the base of ingredients when making water dishes. The outstanding use of the powder blend is to help the water dishes be created in a certain way, limiting the stratification or combination layer, ensuring the stability of the scent, and minimizing the thawing process.


Baker powder

Baker’s concoction is famous for its green tea powder, which is a widely used brand for takeaway shops and is imported directly from Taiwan.

This type of concoction is usually fresh green in color, has a pleasant aroma, and helps to relax the mind.

The characteristic of this product is that it is not bitter but only has a mild acrid taste, suitable as an ingredient for cakes, face masks, ice cream, or used as ground matcha for those who love tea flavor but do not like the bitter taste.

Davinci powder

Davinci Gourmet offers a wide range of powdered blends that help bring richer and purer flavors to drinks.

The introduction of Davinci blend base powder, it will make the stratification time of the drink glass longer and smoother, helping to mix ingredients and create a consistency when drinking. In addition, it also reduces the melting process of ice, helps drinks keep their form longer and stabilizes the product’s taste.

This is a great assistant for Baristas in preparing water dishes such as milk tea, ice blended, smoothies, etc.

TAKA FOODS currently has Davinci powders such as: chocolate powder without milk powder, chocolate powder with milk powder, vanilla frappease base powder,…

Eurodeli powder

Eurodeli powder comes from Taiwan, comes in powder form, is finely ground and finely chopped. So the product always has a high smoothness, easy to dissolve without clumping. Brings a delicious, fatty flavor to the drink.

The product is often used for milk tea dishes, making machiato, whipping milk foam, etc. to create a new and attractive drink for the drink.

King powder

King powder is a specialized powder product line in the preparation of ground ice and milk tea. The dough is soft, no lumps, and the color is beautiful.

The main use is to create a delicious new flavor for iced dishes, milk tea, … In addition, this product can be used to make cakes.

Maulin powder

Maulin powder from Taiwan is made from 100% natural ingredients, no chemical sugars, no chemical colorings, no preservatives, with a unique and attractive taste.

The product helps to increase the fatty flavor of milk tea dishes, or can be used to make crushed ice, coffee, cake, …

Premier Win powder

Premier Win powder is a pure natural product, with an ecstatic, rich taste and aroma made in Vietnam.

The product is used to make cakes, cookies, jelly cakes and drinks such as cocoa, milk tea,…

Puratos powder

Puratos Mixture Powder is a quality product from Puratos Grand Place Vietnam – the Best Cocoa brand in the Asia-Pacific region (2013).

The outstanding feature of this product line is cocoa powder, cocoa mass that helps bring out the unique, delicious, and greasy chocolate flavor. Produced on a modern technological process, 100% selected from cocoa beans in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, ensuring the safest and most natural for human health. In particular, the product does not contain sugar and may contain very small amounts of milk.

Used in the preparation of milk tea, ground ice, cocoa, …


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