TAKA always diversified models, product lines of syrup to serve the maximum demand segments of customers such as honey, black sugar,… Create an abundant and stable source of raw materials for you to constantly innovate  new recipes.


Eurodeli Honey

Eurodeli Honey from Taiwan is a popular honey line in the current market. Honey is sweet, fragrant, and has good solubility. Known as a spice in cooking, this natural ingredient is also packed with nutrients, antioxidants and other ingredients with healing properties.

Products with low price but stable quality should be chosen by shop owners.

Used to make honey green tea, honey milk tea, pickled pearls,…

Eurodeli brown sugar

Brown sugar is made from sugarcane, but is the last concentrated sugarcane after extracting granulated sugar, rock sugar, finally the molasses color is no longer bright but turns black. Sugar is rich in vitamins, especially vitamins of group B, B1 and B2, containing a lot of energy and calcium.

EuroDeli brown sugar syrup is a premium product of Texture Maker Enterprise, produced from safe ingredients and modern technology lines. EuroDeli brown sugar is an indispensable ingredient for making drinks, especially Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk. Brings a mild, pleasant sweetness to the dish.

Eurodeli brown sugar products are suitable for making smoothies, milk teas, juices, syrups or confectionery.


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