To create a perfect drink/cake, sugar is an ingredient that helps increase sweetness, aroma and color in accordance with customer needs. In addition, sugar is also used to process raw materials before preparation.


Deasang corn sugar

The sweetness of Daesang sugar water comes from the essence of freshly harvested young corn. Although Fructose sugar is not as sweet as cane sugar (Saccharose or Mantose), it is concentrated in the form of Syrup, so the density is still equal. The advantage of this sugar is that the sweetness is much cooler and it is easy to mix with many different recipes, ensuring the consistency of quality.

This sugar water is suitable for processing all kinds of beverage, confectionery, milk tea, smoothie, ice blended and many other desserts.

Daesang sugar water is a product originating from Korea. This liquid sugar is also known as High-Fructose Corn Sugar, a form of high-fructose corn sugar. The main ingredient is extracted from baby corn and condensed into a Syrup form.


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