teisseire SYRUP

As a famous syrup brand in France, Teisseire has researched fruits, flowers, and natural herbs to process into drops of syrup. With the same passion to discover new flavors to meet the diverse needs of customers.


With ingredients extracted from herbs, and natural, pure fruits. Bring many nutrients for health. Each drop of syrup provides a balance between strong and sweet flavors.

The product is very suitable for many types of drinks, so it can be easily combined and created with carbonated drinks, cocktails or smoothies, …

TAKA FOODS currently has many flavors of Teisseire syrup to suit a variety of recipes such as pomegranate, rose, orange peel, raspberry, lychee, peach, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, chestnut,…

As a famous syrup brand in France, with a passion to discover many unique flavors, Teisseire products are luxuriously designed with sophistication with captivating flavors in every drop of syrup.


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