torani syrup

Torani syrup is featured with aroma, bold taste and outstanding color. That makes Syrup Torani very popular with Baristas as well as Bartenders because of its ability to color the smell very well, which can be clearly seen in the drink glass.


Torani syrup products give bartenders the freedom to creatively combine drinks together to develop flavors, bringing new and different drinks. And Torani’s quality syrups contribute to making Italian sodas in particular and Italian syrups in general loved all over the world.

Extracted from fresh fruits, seeds, …, combined with the sweet taste of natural cane sugar, Torani Lychee Syrup will bring up the natural aroma of the drink.

Application to prepare drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, Italian sodas, smoothies and many other drinks.

TAKA FOODS currently has many flavors of Torani syrup suitable for a variety of recipes such as roca almond, red orange, cherry, choco milano, chestnut, green apple, kiwi,…

Each Torani product promises great flavor to your creative drinks, from a classic vanilla latte to an unexpectedly strong cocktail. The flavors of Torani can be used however you choose.


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