Agar is a hot topping brand today, not only possessing a delicious, natural flavor but also extremely attractive and eye-catching colors. Can be used with fruit tea, shaved ice, milk tea… or used directly.


Chuan Dai Agar topping

Agar is a quality topping brand, tubular, crunchy, chewy, with many delicious flavors.

Can be used to replace the familiar pearls, the taste of milk tea will be more delicious and attractive when there are Agar seeds. Therefore, Agar are commonly used in milk tea dishes of hot Taiwanese brands today.

There are 2 types of Chuan Dai Agar at TAKA FOODS to suit a variety of recipes: Crystal Agar and Brown Sugar Agar.

Chuan Dai is a brand that provides toppings from Taiwan, featuring glass beads with many flavors to suit diverse user needs, especially milk tea, fruit tea.


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