As one of the auxiliary ingredients, bubles have a very good taste-stimulating effect. Today’s bubbles with a variety of shapes, flavors, colors, … help diversify menus and decorate water dishes more creative and eye-catching.


Andes boba

Andes boba originate from Taiwan, characteristic round pellets with chewy taste, making milk tea more beautiful and delicious. It has a characteristic delicious taste, beautiful color, chewy chewy taste when chewing, creating a feeling of stimulation and comfort.

Especially when soaked in sugar, the delicious taste of bubbles is even more attractive, which is the highlight for the flavor of tea dishes, yogurt, milk tea, fruit tea, …


Eurodeli bubbles

Eurodeli bubbles are Taiwanese pearls that have just been introduced to Vietnam but are very popular with customers. With eye-catching bubbles white color, chewy, crunchy, strange mouth. Especially without using preservatives, the hotness of this bubbles is increasing day by day.

Application to make toppings for water dishes.


Illustrated application images