Fruit in syrup is a topping from real fruits, so it always retains nutrition when used. Used to make drinks or to make cakes, jellies, fruit teas, sodas, cocktails, mocktails, etc. Brings a feeling of freshness and flavor.


FC fruit in syrup

FC (Foodclub) fruit in syrup is a very unique line of ingredients for water dishes. With original, fresh and natural fruits, succulent, sweet and crunchy, not only helps to increase the attractive taste but also keeps the consistency of the quality of the finished products or dishes. dessert.

Widely applied to fruit teas, tea dishes, cake decoration or water dishes such as cocktails, mocktails, etc.

Hosen fruit in syrup

Hosen fruit in syrup is made from pure fruit ingredients, which are soaked in sugar to create a sweet taste and retain the natural aroma.

Application to make topping in water dishes such as fruit tea, mocktail, cocktail, … helps increase the taste as well as attractiveness to fully enjoy the natural fruit flavor of the drink.

TAKA FOODS currently has Hosen sugar soaked fruits such as pickled peaches, pickled longans, pickled lychees,…

Knonos fruit in syrup

The Kronos brand is famous for its peaches in syrup with evenly-rounded, moderately soft soaked peaches. Brings a delicious, natural sweet taste to the drink.

Applied in peach tea, or fruit teas, cakes,…

Rhodes fruit in syrup

Rhodes fruit in syrup originates from the land of South Africa. This is a temperate land whose climate is extremely suitable for fruits, especially peaches. That’s why Rhodes is famous for its peaches in syrup. From ripe, delicious peaches, sliced in syrup and canned, Rhodes products were born and exported around the world.

Product line with natural, pure fruit flavor, delicious and true to taste and still retains the freshness of the drink.

Used in tea dishes to increase the refreshing fruit flavor of the drink. It is also widely used in baking.


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