To meet the diverse needs of today’s customers, TAKA also has a number of popular topping products that are easy to combine in recipes from some familiar brands of the F&B industry such as King, NIF, Xuan Thinh.



King is one of the popular brands of ingredients for concoctions with various types of mist, chocolate powder, taro powder, and red beans. Create more choices for the water dish to add more attractiveness and flavor.

In particular, dew flute is a topping in milk tea that many people love because of its strange taste and freshness.

King’s products are applied in water dishes such as milk tea, crushed ice,..



Lotus tea is currently a favorite drink at major beverage chains and many tea shops because it is very delicious, suitable for Vietnamese tastes and good for health. The delicious taste of tea, the fresh, crunchy and nutritious taste of lotus seeds. Therefore, the NIF brand has created the initial success for the sugar-soaked lotus seed product and has resonated in the Vietnamese market, creating the trend of Tra Sen to consumers.

With the advantage of creating uniformity in product quality, helping to stabilize and keep the fresh taste of fruit. NIF products bring fresh taste, applied to many kinds of drinks such as milk tea, fruit tea,…

TAKA FOODS currently has products from NIF brand such as lotus seeds soaked in sugar, lychee soaked in sugar.


Xuan Thinh

Xuan Thinh is a popular Vietnamese brand with ingredients for powder, topping, syrup, … and most notably, tea. Tea is an indispensable ingredient in most recipes today. And products at Xuan Thinh are carefully selected, modern process, to create quality products for users. Bringing unique aroma and variety of products, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of users.

Xuan Thinh products are applied in drinks such as fruit tea, milk tea, …


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